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Aug 09

The Meaning of the 7 Adinkra Symbols

How We Apply It
Adinkra Hene

Adinkra Hene: Supremacy and the Omnipotence of the One Divine Creator and creation itself; wholeness, completeness and superior quality.

We seek to channel the love and guidance of the Divine Creator in what we do in order to explore our voices and reach our human potential.


Sankofa: Respect for heritage, history and wisdom of the elders, and a search for the positive aspects of the forgotten, ignored and concealed past to guide the present and the future.

We actively remember and express gratitude for the many trailblazers who came before us.

Deneni Ammen (Ram's Horn)

Denini Ammen (Ram’s Horn): Inner strength, determination, humility and strength of mind, body and soul.

We joyously step into our personal power with holistic resilience.

Owo Fro Adobe

Owo Fro Adobe: Ingenuity; ability to overcome all odds.

We stand strong in the face of adversity and remain resourceful and determined in the face of no-agreement.

Ananse Ntontan

Ananse Ntontan: Wisdom, ingenuity, creativity, craftiness, complexity and interdependency of all creation.

We choose to see, align ourselves with, and celebrate the intelligence and creativity within and around us.

Davi Me

Davi Me Nsoroma Bepue (my star will shine one day): Hope, faith, aspiration, expectation & confidence.

We believe in abundance and expect greatness from ourselves and others.
owia Owia Kokroko: Vitality, renewal, procreative energy, cosmic energy, growth and enlightenment.

We respect and will be a support for the cycles and seasons of our lives, our voices, and our creative expressions.
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