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Aug 09

Who We Are

logo7Adinkras is a collective of creative women formed in 1996 by Akanke Rasheed, and joined by other creative women along the way. Our mission is to live lives that are full of creative expression and to inspire, honor and encourage the creative expression of other women.

Our primary work is focused on writing, producing and directing documentaries as well as other creative projects, such as book publishing and stage plays, which naturally complement our documentary works.

The spirit of our work is embodied in our name—7Adinkras. Adinkras are unique symbols from the west coast of Africa, particularly Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana. These symbols represent well-known proverbs, sayings, attitudes, spiritual beliefs and social thought. The intention of our work rests upon the application of the symbolic meaning of seven of these ancient symbols.

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other things we do

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Sandra's Blog

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